Shearing workshop 2016

Click on the Shearing shed action to watch a video of the intensity of the shed. Amazing photo opportunity.
You up for the challenge of capturing the action during the main shear on a very large Merino station. Join professional Photographer Scott Fowler and he will guide you with the challenges of photographing in this unique challenging environment. Date will be in August & October 2016- Max 6 souls.
Heres one
Here is your big chance to capture the full on action of a working shed. Its hot, noisy, fast paced, & the lighting conditions are hard to deal with. Meet the Shearers, Rousies & Musterers plus dont forget the dogs. Plus the most important person the owner. I have many years experience working in this shed so I know the places to stand to get the best shots, how to deal with the lighting & the whole process. We will stay on the station only 3 minutes walk away from the shed.
YOU THINK YOU ARE UP TO IT. I only ever take 5 people into the shed so this is an opportunity not to be missed.
Cost $910, Includes accommodation, Tuition( no time limit on availability), Coffee & Giant Cookies. Not Included, meals, alcohol & Snacks. Transport from Christchurch Shared cost, approx $50 each.

On the board

Throwing the fleece

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Waiver of Liability:
[i] "Scott Fowler Photographyā€¯ shall take no responsibility or liability for personal or property damage during the duration of the Workshop, or be liable for non- refundable Airline tickets.

"Scott Fowler Photographyā€¯ reserves the right to cancel Workshops one month prior to it's commencement if numbers are insufficient or due to unforeseen circumstances.

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